MDN Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and most times Modular or Off-Site construction can be up to 20% lower. But it is always difficult to peg an accurate SF
cost number until we understand and know the complete scope of a project.
Yes, because we go the extra mile when working with the owner to determine the exact scope and design of the project. We avoid RFIs and change orders which can increase costs as much as 10 to 20 percent. Know with 100% conviction that our budget and cost projections are solid.
Yes, you will know the precise date your doors will open with MND Development.You will avoid delays due to weather, labor shortages, installation issues or on-site remediation and we typically beat site-built constructoin schedules by 35 to 50 percent.
No, a complete and thorough code analysis is performed at the onset of any project engagement and prior to any schematic design work. This is a vital first step in any design process so third-party inspectors can perform inspections in the factory.
Construction at the off-site manufacturing facility takes place at the same time as site work, i.e., foundation, parking, utilities, etc.  This allows projects to be completed in much less time as site-built construction.  Also, weather delays are virtually eliminated because up to 90% of the construction work is completed inside the modular manufacturing facility under dry, controlled conditions.  In addition, an in-place labor force and established materials supply chain avoid scheduling disruptions that cause delays. Chart
Yes, the footprint required to build a facility is much less since the facility is constructed off-site. It isn’t necessary to store materials and large equipment on site during the construction process. But there is also much less traffic and disruption to the site during construction.
The value to offsite construction is four-fold. We bring true turnkey construction, cost certainty, schedule certainty and that very important shorter construction schedule. Speed to market can be critical today and the ability to cut the construction time line not only saves our client’s money, but they are open and generating revenue much sooner.
Yes, we do not limit our off-site built facilities to any geographic area.We can serve your Modular construction requirements effectively and effeciently anywhere in the United States.

Our financing team can also help hospitals that may need capital for expansion projects. We will work with leading institutional investors to help raise funds that provide security and flexibility. In short, the program involves acquiring existing assets and leasing them back to the hospital using a finance lease and a term of 20-30 years. There is no out-of-pocket cost to the hospital, and at lease end, hospital can purchase the asset for $1.

Yes, modular construction technology like Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) lends itself to greater efficiency, better planning, tighter integration, and easier collaboration. And because off-site construction facilities are built with the same building codes and architectural specifications as traditional site-built construction, plus also use the same materials, they are indistinguishable from site-built equivalents. Most importantly, off-site construction is built in controlled conditions providing a safer work environment making accidents much less likely.
Prototype design for ASC’s, free-standing ED’s, rehab hospitals, urgent care, primary, care etc., save the client time and money in design and construction. The elimination of change orders plus narrowing the selection process translates to money saved.